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A 20in20 style icontest surrounding the TV show Lost

A 20in20 style community surrounding the TV show L
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A 20in20-style community surrounding the TV show Lost.

Welcome to lost20in20, a 20in20-style community surrounding the TV show Lost. In this community, your object is to make 20 icons in 20 days, all surrounding the character, ship, episode or season of your choice from Lost.

You mods are coffeecrisp7 and thewonderlife.
Sign Ups and Theme Breakdown

Once sign ups are posted, you can claim a season, character, ship or episode by commenting with your username, claim and country. This will be your claim for the month. You may not use the same claim 2 months in a row. Sign ups will be limited (20 participants for round 1 -- to be expanded if needed).

Your 20 icons that you make will have to fall under certain themes. 10 icons will be given individual themes, which will be changed every round. These may be techniques you have to use, or broader themes such as "hopeful" which are up to interpretation. 5 icons will be part of a "set" which you will be given the theme for. This set of 5 icons will all have something in common. Your last 5 icons are artist's choice... Do whatever you want!

Voting is done in many different groupings. Each theme's icons are voted on separately, and 1st place will be awarded for each theme. Your category set will be voted on both as a set and as individual icons. 1st-5th will be awarded for icons, with one set winning as well. Artist's choice icons are voted on in the same way -- as sets, and as icons.
Other Rules

-- No animation
-- Icons must fit under the LJ guidelines (under 40 kb, 100x100 pixels, .png, .gif or .jpg file format).
-- You may only make one claim a month
-- Your icon post must be PUBLIC until after voting closes and the results are announced!
-- Icons should be PG rated. No nudity/excessive swearing, etc.
-- The same claim cannot be made twice in a round... First come, first serve!